Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do this?

If you have every lost your purse, pet, keys, luggage, phone etc you will be familiar with the panic that accompanies this. This is entirely reasonable as there can be significant financial, security, time and emotional costs with such losses. Despite this, we often don't get around to taking steps to protecting our most important possessions. Spend just $15 & 15 minutes (to register and apply labels), and you signficantly protect up to 10 valuables in one go.

Makes a great gift for any absent-minded partner/family member/friend!

How does it work?

When you receive your set of 10 purchased labels, record your contact details on the Register section of the site. This can be updated later as required. Place a label on anything you would like to protect. Most often, these will be things that you take with when you go out (mobile, wallet, keys, laptop etc), or that might run away all by themselves (yes looking at you Rover and Fluffy). If you are unfortunate enough to lose an item, any finder can see the code and the website address, and use this to see whatever contact details you have provided.

Tell me about the labels.

The labels come as a set of 10 and share a unique code. The labels are durable (6+ years), laminated (so the text won't disappear) and have a strong adhesive so will stay attached (but can still be removed if required). They are silver in colour with black text and in terms of size are 40 mm / 1.6 inches wide and 20 mm / 0.8 inches high. When applying labels, make sure the surface is clear of oil and dust. Maximum adhesion occurs after 24 hours. Any excess labels can be kept as spares or shared with your partner for example.

What valuables can I tag?

Pretty much anything with a flat surface that you would like to protect. Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, camera, luggage, passport, wallet or purse (affix directly or to card inside), set of keys (use a key tag), pet (use a key tag).

Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you are unhappy with your purchase, just contact us for a full refund.

What about security?

Commonsense applies. Only provide enough details for a finder to contact you (eg phone number and/or email address). Providing a home address is not recommended. Your online contact details are protected by Google reCaptcha, and purchasing is via secure (https) PayPal. Note - you can still use your credit card to purchase via PayPal.

Will lost items get returned?

They system makes it easy for any finder to look up your contact details. While this will significantly increase the chances of you getting your items returned, there can be no guarantees. Firstly, your lost item might not be actually found by anyone. Secondly, it relies on any finder being honest enough to contact you. To increase the chance of return, you can specify a reward when you register your contact details.

Should I feel good about buying this?

Definitely yes. $2 from every sale goes towards curing blindness via the Fred Hollows Foundation. The Foundation operates in 25 countries and has restored sight to over two million people. Sight can be restored from as little as $25. In terms of the enviroment, reducing the amount of things that need to be replaced is a plus. And finally, the system gives people the chance to show their good side by returning the lost item to you.