Imagine for a moment losing your phone, laptop, wallet, keys, pet, luggage, camera ...

Increase peace of mind with our simple low-tech inexpensive long lasting tags

Protecting 10 of your valuables is cheap and easy

Buy 10 labels for $20 via secure PayPal or credit card

Attach these to anything you would hate to lose

Register your contact details on this site

Finders can retrieve contact details via the label code


Simple & Low Tech

Forget BlueTooth, batteries, apps, signal strength
Just physically tag your valuables and register online



Just $20 buys 10 labels with free postage anywhere
Peace of mind? Twenty buys plenty!

Long lasting

Long lasting

Tags are made of 0.3 mm metal with strong adhesive
These tags will provide many years of protection



Phones laptops cameras keys wallets pets luggage..
Just tag it for easier returns

Free postage worldwide

Free Postage Worldwide

Postage is included in the one time purchase price
And it doesn't matter where you live ...

Help Blindness

Help Treat Blindness

10% is contributed to the Fred Hollows Foundation
Sight can be restored from as little as $25

Protect My Valuables